Organizing your research is an important part of the research process. You need a good way to keep track of all the cases, statutes, etc., and how they apply to your research problem. One resource that may be helpful to you is CaseMap. CaseMap is a LexisNexis product that comes with the Library’s LexisNexis subscription. In conjunction with the Library and the Advocacy Program, LexisNexis will be offering CaseMap training on Monday (9/28) and Tuesday (9/29). All law students are invited to attend (and some 1Ls are required to attend – check with your legal research instructor.) Here’s the schedule:

Monday, Sept. 28th

11-11:50 – rm. 306

12-12:50 – rm. 275/76

3-3:50 – rm. 275/76

Tuesday, Sept. 29th

9-9:50 – rm. 205

10-10:50 – rm. 205

3-3:50 – rm. 275/76