Organizing your research can often be a complicated process – but a very important one. One tool I particularly like for organizing my research is Zotero. Zotero is a free Firefox extension that helps you “collect, manage, and cite your research sources.” Once you download Zotero, it is easily accessible from the lower right hand corner of your web browser. In addition to manually inserting bibliographic information into Zotero, it can detect when you’re looking at an article, a book, or other resource online and download relevant bibliographic information with one click. You can also save links to web pages you are interested in or save screenshots from the web in Zotero. You can tag your references and include notes for each reference as well. Zotero can also put your references into Bluebook format, something other products like RefWorks or EndNote can’t do yet. There are too many features to describe here, but some of these screencasts can give you a good idea of what Zotero can do for you.