While most of us use HeinOnline for its law journal collection, it has many other resources that are worth becoming familiar with. Hein has recently announced a new collection, World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources, which may be of interest to you. This collection will continue to grow, but currently includes:

– The current constitution for every country

– Substantial constitutional histories of the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Colombia (among others).

– More than 800 classic books about constitutional law, with specific chapters tied to specificcountries.

– Links to scholarly articles about constitutional development.

– Links to online resources related to political development.

– A bibliography of select constitutional books.

One resource included in the collection that I’ve found very useful in the past is Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia. This multi-volume encyclopedia provides an introduction to the legal systems and the substantive law of every country in the world. You may want to give it a look if you’re going overseas for an externship this summer.