Law librarians at BYU will teach 3 upper-level classes during Winter 2012 that you may want to consider adding to your schedule.  Each are one credit classes.  Here are the details:

Advanced Legal Research, LAW 796R §7, Prof. Gary Hill, W 2:30pm

This course will cover research topics and advanced techniques in the following areas: administrative law, legislative history, practice materials, government documents, non-legal databases, internet resources, tax research, treaties, and family law. There are assignments for each area and a bibliography that is to integrate the topics and techniques learned in the course.

Federal Tax Research, LAW 796R §19, Prof. Dennis Sears, M 1:00pm

This course focuses on researching the basic documents generated by the IRS. Students are introduced to various hardcopy and online resources available to research these documents. They are assigned to research specific documents in assigned resources and to present an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the resources so that each resource can be compared and contrasted with other resources. The course culminates in an annotated bibliography by each student of a tax topic of the student’s choice, approved by the professor, in which the student uses the various resources introduced during the course of the semester to complete the bibliography.

Intro. to Law Librarianship, LAW 796R §25, Prof. Galen Fletcher, T 9:30am

Awareness of current trends and developments in information aspects of the legal profession. Introduces the various departments and types of specialization within law libraries, and examines different types of law libraries, their organizational structures, collections and services. Designed for students with an interest in law librarianship or legal bibliography or both.