Last weekend BYU Law School hosted a chapter of the Global Legal Hackathon, in which participants have 30 hours to come up with an innovative solution to a legal problem. Participating in the competition is a huge commitment for busy law students, but BYU students are up for the challenge!

Team “Project Incognito” won first place in last weekend’s competition and will represent BYU Law and LexisNexis in the next round. Brynlee Emery, William Emery, Ashley Evans, Rachel Howden, Adam Leavitt, Kenna Mathews, Trevor Mathews, and Samuel McKenzie will compete in the semifinals for a spot in the finals in London. Their project is an app for uploading images with metadata in areas of conflict to preserve evidence of war crimes.

Congratulations to all of the amazing students who participated. Thank you to LexisNexis for sponsoring this exciting event!

More information about the Global Legal Hackathon can be found here.

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