Want to enter a writing competition but don’t have a lot of time? The vLex International Writing competition is a good one to participate in because submissions are short and informal–in blog style and 1,000 words long (or within 10% of 1,000 words). The topics are also really interesting. This year, law students can choose from one of three topics:

  • Law, technology, and sports
  • Law, technology, and climate
  • Law, technology, and crypto

The rules are pretty flexible about your topic as long as your entry covers the intersection of law, technology, and the third topic of your choice. For more information about the topics, past winners, and the full rules, click here to visit the official competition page. Recent graduates are also eligible to enter this year. The grand prize is 1,500 pounds. Submissions are due by midnight UK time on December 1st.

vLex is the provider of a system for foreign legal research called vLex Justice. We have a subscription at our library. Check it out by clicking here.

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