Do you need help with your finals? Or maybe just a little extra clarification on a difficult case? Quimbee can help! Quimbee is a site that you will have free access to while here at BYU Law that can provide invaluable help to your day-to-day study.

Law school cases can be tough to understand. Luckily, Quimbee has resources that can help you be a bit more prepared for cold-calling in class. There are several different resources on Quimbee that law students will be able to access. There are sample case briefs for most of the cases that you will cover in your major classes, as well as video explanations of some of the bigger cases. These briefs will have the general information that you will need on the case, including the facts, issue, rule of law, and holding, as well as summaries of any other critical information, such as dissents or concurrences. These case briefs can be extremely useful in understanding both the general idea of the case, as well as the law you are trying to pull from the case. You can also review the case briefs in class, in conjunction with your notes, to better grasp what the teacher is saying.

Quimbee can also help you prepare for the all-important final exams. Quimbee has several practice exam questions—both essays and multiple choice—that can help you get crucial practice before you take your finals. Also, there are flashcards and commercial outlines for several of the major classes that you will take. These can be a valuable tool when used in conjunction with your own notes and outlines to help prepare for those tricky finals.

While the majority of what you will be using will be the class study aids, there are also other resources to help after you finish law school. There are paid resources that can help prepare for the bar, MBE, or MPRE tests. These can help organize everything that you have learned and prepare what you need to know for these tests.

Law school students have access to study aids on Quimbee for free through BYU. Contact Iantha Haight ( for more information on how to set up your own free account.

Written by: Kyle Wilson (2L)