Pronunciator teaches 80 world languages, including TESOL, from 50 language interfaces. This program is a great tool for self-assisted language learning, to provide supplemental practice and support for language classes taken on campus or as a brush up on your skills. This program is also a great way to prepare for international travel, internships or employment opportunities abroad. It helps with vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, and language practice in various situations including social, business and legal. There is also an app for your mobile devices, so you can practice your language skills on the go.

Mango Languages (available soon)

Mango Languages teaches over six dozen languages, including English for foreign speakers, using film-based modules, virtual dialogues and pronunciation monitoring. This program is designed to rapidly build language proficiency and cultural understanding by teaching real-world communication skills you will actually use. The program seeks to teach language structure and vocabulary in an intuitive and contextual way by breaking down language into smaller pieces and requiring the student to reconstruct sentences in a logical way. Like Pronunciator, this program is a great way to learn a new language, refresh skills, or prepare for an experience abroad.