If you’ve ever wondered why the Bluebook isn’t available online, you have one less thing to wonder about. On Feb. 15 editors of the Harvard Law Review announced the launch of an online version of the Bluebook. The Bluebook online is a subscription based service. Bluebook content can be accessed through the index and table of contents that you’re familiar with, as well as via full-text searching. I haven’t test-driven it yet myself, but from the video tutorials provided it looks pretty good.

The Bluebook Online website also contains some free information that should be useful to Bluebook users. Blue Tips provide “authoritative guidance to reasonable questions on subjects covered by The Bluebook.” If you aren’t finding the answer to a citation question in the Bluebook, this looks like a good place to go. Bluebook Updates provide corrections to errors in the Bluebook.

Hat tip to the Law Librarian Blog.