Some of the most useful legal research resources are legal treatises.  If you can find a good one on your topic you can save a lot of research time.  Unfortunately for us, there aren’t many Utah-specific legal treatises.  But, I’m happy to say there’s now one more.  The Utah Law of Trusts & Estates by Robert S. (Rust) Tippett is a web-based treatise that looks like a good addition to the Utah legal treatise family.  The treatise is part of the Utah Trust & Estate Educational Resource Center.  Much of the information on the site is available for free, but the treatise is subscription-based.  Luckily for BYU, Professor Tippett (an adjunct professor here at the law school) has made his treatise available to the law school community.  We’re grateful that he has and we hope that our law students and faculty take advantage of it.