It’s that time again when hotly anticipated orders are being issued by the U.S.’ top court. This session the Court is addressing everything from religious rights in the workplace (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores) to whether or not the Fair Housing Act of 1968 prohibits “disparate impact”  (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc.). Arguably one of the most anticipated issues of recent history focusing on the Fourteenth Amendment and marriage (DeBoer v. Snyder & Tanco v. Haslam) is also being decided.

A great resource for following all of the Court’s exciting action is SCOTUSblog. The blog, about all things Supreme Court, is written by members of the legal community including lawyers, law professors and law students. The site live blogs as the Court hears oral arguments and announces opinions. The site also provides comprehensive coverage of all of the cases being argued before the court and maintains individual case archives of briefing and other documents. Bloggers also provide links to PDFs of opinions as they are released by the Court. The Court is expected to release its next set of orders on Monday morning, so tune in to follow all of the developments live!