I hate to even bring it up, but I do it because I want to help–Thanksgiving is next week, which means finals are around the corner.  The reason I can help is that the Library has a number of sample exams for BYU Law-specific courses.  My hope is that all our students know about them and can put them to use.  They’re especially useful when you’ve never even seen a law school final and want to get a sense of what they’re like.  We only have what professors have given us, so if you don’t see your professor listed they have not given us any past exams.  We currently have exams for Professors Augustine-Adams, Backman, Benson, Durham, Fee, Ferrin, Lee, Mangelson, Rasband, Scharffs, Thomas, Todd, Wardle and Wilkins. Even if you’re professor isn’t listed you may be able to find an exam on the same topic from another professor that could be of some help.

Our sample exams are available digitally on a TWEN course on Westlaw.  To add the course, login to Westlaw, go to TWEN, and click “Add Course.”

Once you’ve done that you’ll find a list of TWEN courses available to BYU students.  Check the “Sample Exams” course and also enter the password.  The sample exams password has not changed from last year.  If you need it, email me at neverss@law.byu.edu or contact the circulation or reference desks.

Good luck getting ready for finals!