BYU Law Students: Are you doing your substantial writing requirement this semester? Or are you writing an academic paper for a class this semester? Or do you just want to write a new academic paper for fun to try to submit for publication? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider having a research consultation with a law librarian! Experts in research, the law librarian will be able to give you one-on-one instruction on the best places to research so that your paper can be well-supported. Research can also help you refine your thesis! You can either email a law librarian directly or you can email to set up a research consultation. All research consultations are offered virtually via Zoom. You should include in your original email your topic and/or thesis. This will help the law librarian to prepare ahead of time resources specifically for your paper.

The following are the law librarians that offer research consultations and which areas they cover. You may schedule a research consultation with the law librarian of your choosing, regardless of their areas. If your topic is in an area of law not described in an area below, feel free to schedule with any law librarian.

Iantha Haight: Business Law

Annalee Hickman: Civil Procedure; Criminal Law; Immigration Law

Shawn Nevers: Constitutional Law; Legislative History

Dennis Sears: Foreign Law; International Law; Tax Law

Kory Staheli: Family Law, Federal Indian Law; Water Law

Laurie Urquiaga: Copyright Law; Intellectual Property Law

Tina Wilder: Empirical Legal Research; Legal Technology