Another year of school is just around the corner. One of the things that means is it’s time to get your books–a doubly painful process as it costs a lot of money and you realize you’ll actually have to read them. This year, West has begun a program where you can rent West-produced casebooks. When you rent a book, a print copy is delivered to you and you get access to an eBook version (available through the internet, but not on an eBook reader). (I imagine one of the things driving this program is West’s desire to expose students to their eBooks, but I digress). You pay a monthly rental fee (about $22.25 a month on a few that I saw) and you return it when you’re done. You can also highlight and take notes in the book. Sounds like an interesting program that you might want to look into. At this point it looks like a limited number of books are available, but it sounds like more will be added. Check out the FAQs.

Hat tip to ZiefBrief.