Many of you have noticed that the Law Library no longer has photocopiers available.  The two photocopiers we had were on loan to us from the main University.  As students have moved from photocopying to scanning over the years, the photocopiers received less and less use.  The University was beginning to lose money on the photocopiers in our library and decided to remove them at the end of last semester.   This was a decision over which we had no control.

After evaluating the issue, and looking at the high price of purchasing and maintaining our own photocopier, we decided scanning was the best alternative.  Overall, students prefer scanning to photocopying and scanning still allows students the ability to scan and then print, which should meet the needs of those who would use a photocopier.  We know that for those who prefer photocopying, the scanners will take some getting used to.  Employees at the circulation and reference desks are trained and ready to help anyone who needs help with scanning.   Once you use the scanners, we think you’ll find that they are fairly easy to use.

One of the advantages of not purchasing a new photocopier is that we can invest in more scanners.  We currently have four book scanners (2 near the reference desk on the 2nd floor, 1 in the Reserve Library, and 1 near the reference desk on the 3d floor), and one multi-page feed scanner (in the copy room on the 3d floor).  These scanners are all heavily used and many students seem quite happy with them.

We appreciate your patience as we transition to this new system and hope that you’ll let us know if you experience any problems.