Professor David Dominguez has recently posted several of this articles to SSRN. Here’s the list:

Legal Education and the Ecology of Cultural Justice: How Affirmative Action Can Become Race-Neutral by 2028

Community Lawyering in the Juvenile Cellblock: Creative Uses of Legal Problem Solving to Reconcile Competing Narratives on Prosecutorial Abuse, Juvenile Criminality, and Public Safety

Redemptive Lawyering: The First (and Missing) Half of Legal Education and Law Practice

Final Exam on the First Day of Class and Throughout the Course

Community Lawyering

Equal Justice from a New Perspective: The Need for a First-Year Clinical Course on Public Interest Mediation

Past Imperfect: Personal Statements Can Renew Motivation, Improve Learning

Beyond Zero-Sum Games: Multiculturalism as Enriched Law Training for All Students

A Lesson in Justice

Inclusive Teaching Methods Across the Curriculum: Academic Resource and Law Teachers Tie a Knot at the AALS

Getting Beyond Yes to Collaborative Justice: The Role of Negotiation in Community Lawyering

Principle 2: Good Practice Encourages Cooperation Among Students

Negotiating Demands for Justice: Public Interest Law as a Problem Solving Dialogue