Much of the legal research we teach in law school focuses on litigation. But, many of you are interested in becoming transactional attorneys. If that’s your path, one resource you should know about is Practical Law Company. A successful UK company, PLC has only been in the US for a handful of years but has already become quite popular. Current US services include Corporate & Securities and Finance, as well as a service for in-house lawyers.

It’s easy to see why PLC has gained such a following by transactional attorneys. It provides a host of resources including Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Clauses and Drafting Notes, Checklists and a searchable database of deals and securities filings known as “What’s Market.” New associates asked to prepare an asset purchase agreement, for example, can come up to speed quickly on what should be included, instead of floundering around with little guidance.

Law students can gain free access to PLC by filling out this form. Not only will you be able to check out PLC, you’ll also get access to their Summer Associate Survival Guide. A great resource to help you through the summer.