We’re proud to announce the addition of the new Law Library Resources Search Box to our web page. This tool was designed to help you more easily access the print and electronic resources available through the law library. Let me give you a quick run down on how it can help you with your research.

The top left section of the box allows you to search for books available in the law library. If you want to run a more precise search just click on “Advanced Book Search Options.” This search was previously available above the Quick Links section of the web page and has now been relocated here.

The “Search for a Journal” box allows you to determine whether the library has access to journals in print and/or electronic format. Simply type in a journal name, such as “Harvard Law Review,” to find out where you can access print and electronic versions of that journal.

We’re very excited about the next feature and I’ll try to blog about it in more detail later. This search tool, known as federated searching, allows you to search multiple databases simultaneously. Click on “Advanced Federated Searching Options” to customize which databases you would like to search.

Finally, you can access electronic resources by subject with our “Find Resources by Subject” pull-down menu. This can be a great place to start when doing a research paper or other topical research. The “A-Z List of Recommended Resources” will provide you with a list of databases by name that can be extremely useful in your legal research.

We hope this new tool will be a great benefit to you in your research. Please leave us feedback if you have ideas on how we can make it better.