I’ve already blogged a bit about some of the resources we have to help with finals prep – CALI, Sample Exams, and Flash Cards.  Here are a few other things that might help you as you study for finals.

Study Guides – We collect a number of study guides that may be useful as you brush up for finals.  They are available in the Reserve Library and can be found by browsing or by searching the library catalog.  The best way to find them is to pull down the drop down next to the catalog search box on our home page, select Study Guides and search for your subject.

Extended Hours – Beginning Monday, November 26, the Library will be open until 1am, except for on Saturdays when closing time will remain 11pm.  After 1am, law students can still gain access to several study rooms on the 3rd floor by swiping in at the 3rd floor entrance.

Study Rooms – The law library is home to 16 group study rooms that are especially popular during finals.  Law students can reserve study rooms in 2 hour blocks.  We ask that you please be respectful of others as groups transition between study rooms.

Quiet Reading Room – The Quiet Reading Room in the northeast portion of the library’s main floor is also available for study.  This room is for law students only (you will need your ID card to swipe in) and quiet study will be enforced.  We ask that you help us keep the noise down in there.