Last weekend the Library of Congress Experience opened at the Library of Congress. The Experience includes many new interactive displays that look wonderful. Thomas Jefferson’s personal library has been recreated (with all but 300 of the 6,487 volumes Jefferson sold to Congress in 1815) and is on display. (see Wash. Post article) This will certainly be on my list of stops the next time I’m in D.C. Read more on the Library of Congress Blog.

In a related note, Sunday was the 265th anniversary of Jefferson’s birth.

In another related note, on Saturday I began reading a biography of Jefferson – American Sphinx by Joseph J. Ellis. Ellis has become one of my favorite authors after books like Founding Brothers (winner of the Pulitzer Prize) and His Excellency. He is one of those authors that makes history come alive, which, as evidenced by many boring history books I have read, is not an easy task.