Looking for a government job? Need to find contact information for a judicial clerk? Want to find BYU graduates in Congress or the judiciary? Our new subscription to the Leadership Library is just the thing to help. With contact information for people at all levels of the different branches of government, the Leadership Library is a one-stop shop to get you in touch with federal and state officers and employees.

Formerly available in print as the Yellow Books, the Law Library has moved its subscription online making searching and compiling information easier than ever. In addition to the obvious ease of searching by name or organization, students can now search by school, degree, party affiliation, etc., customizing their list as they go. Once you’ve created your list you can print it or export it to Excel (although we ask you to be judicious in your exporting, as our subscription has a cap on the number of names that can be exported). Contact information also includes email addresses, which can be difficult to find online.

When finished with the Leadership Library, please click on “Logout” so other users don’t get locked out.

The Leadership Library is available from our A-Z list of Recommended Online Resources or from our Legal Directories subject page.