Professor null, former Dean of the Law School and now Advancement Vice President of BYU, has recently posted many of his articles to SSRN. Click on the following titles to view the abstracts and download the articles.

Who Decides and What Difference Does it Make? Defining Marriage in ‘Our Democratic, Federal Republic’

The Essence of Lawyering in an Atmosphere of Faith

On Knowing and Caring

Eagle Feathers and Equality: Lessons on Religious Exceptions from the Native American Experience

Shirt Tales: Clerking for Byron White

Religiously Affiliated Law Schools: An Added Dimension

Protecting the Sacred Sites of Indigenous People in U.S. Courts: Reconciling Native American Religion and the Right to Exclude

Discipline: An Academic Dean’s Perspective on Dealing with Plagiarism

Who Will Control the Future of Indian Gaming? ‘A Few Pages of History are Worth a Volume of Logic’

Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Potential Normative Power of American Cities and Indian Tribes

The Role of Indigenous Groups in Constitutional Democracies: A Lesson from Chile and the United States

Who’s in Charge Here? Tribal, State, and Federal Authority Over Non-Indian Resource Development in Indian Country

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Light of Thornton: The People and Essential Attributes of Sovereignty

The Grand Experiment: Evaluating Indian Law in the ‘New World’

Shedding New Light on an Old Debate: A Federal Indian Law Perspective on Congressional Authority to Limit Federal Question Jurisdiction