Classes have started and On Campus Interviews have as well.  Every year interviews seem to get earlier and earlier.  Most, if not all, of the OCIs take place in the library’s study rooms, so we get the chance of seeing many of you in that nervous, waiting period before the interview starts.  Most of us have been in that same position too, so we feel for you, but we know you’ll do great.  We wish everyone the best of luck.

An important part of interviewing is doing some research on your potential employer and on those that will be interviewing you.  Frank Kimball from Lateral Link wrote a recent article that might be some help to you as you prepare for your interviews: Ready, Set, Interview: Researching Your Way Into a Job Offer.  You obviously have Westlaw and Lexis at your disposal, but you might also be interested in some of the law library’s online legal directories that might be of use to you as you prepare to interview.  Feel free to drop by the Reference Desk if you need any additional help.