By now everyone knows that Judge Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the United States Supreme Court. In thinking about what comes next, I thought I’d point out a great source from HeinOnline called History of Supreme Court Nominations for students and faculty interested in seeing what’s happened previously with the confirmation process. This work contains transcripts of hearings, reports, bibliographies, and other documents relating to the nomination of previous Supreme Court nominees from 1916-2010 (Louis Brandeis – Elena Kagan). In addition to seeing what happened at the hearings and what was written about the nominee, the documents provided in the confirmation process can be helpful research tools.  For example, if you needed to find the opinions written by Chief Justice Roberts while on the D.C. Circuit you can find them in History of Supreme Court Nominations. There’s a lot of great information compiled together in this resource that can provide an insightful look into the confirmation process (and how it’s changed) and many of the judges and justices that have been nominated to the Supreme Court.