HeinOnline is a resource we love here in the library for many reasons. Most of you are probably familiar with its amazing law review collection, but HeinOnline’s content has expanded to much more than just law reviews. HeinOnline’s Government Documents collection is one area that has seen tremendous growth recently, making it a valuable resource when researching government information. As one example, HeinOnline has recently finished digitizing the entire Congressional Record making it currently the only place to find such content electronically.

Our Faculty Services Librarian, Galen Fletcher, has recently documented the Federal Government documents now available in HeinOnline in an article published in Jurisdocs, the American Association of Law Libraries Government Documents Special Interest Section newsletter. The article, “Federal Government Documents in HeinOnline,” is available from SSRN here or within the Spring 2008 issue of Jurisdocs.

Here’s the abstract:

This article/handout highlights the increasing federal government document content in the HeinOnline database.

HeinOnline includes GPO-originated content useful to law librarians in the areas of 1) federal statutes, 2) federal regulations, 3) the Congressional Record and its predecessors, 4) U.S. Reports, 5) Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (1931-2004) and similar titles, 6) U.S. treaties, 7) Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (all eight editions), 8) many major federal agency decisions (commerce, communication, copyright, labor, patents, securities, tax, and trade), 9) Foreign Relations of the United States, and 10) almost 70 compiled federal legislative histories. All of the above (plus various journals and books relating to law published by the U.S. Government Printing Office) are available in PDF format and indexed on this legal research database.