Loislaw will no longer be accessible after November 30, 2015. Fastcase has partnered with Wolters Kluwer to help provide former Loislaw users with a new research platform. This transition will be an easy one for students and faculty here because we already have a subscription to Fastcase. Let’s take a minute to review what Fastcase has to offer.



Fastcase’s libraries include primary law from all 50 states, as well as federal coverage. The Fastcase collection includes cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. Fastcase also provides access to a newspaper archive, legal forms, and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings through its content partners.

Searching capabilities

All Fastcase libraries are seachable by keyword (Boolean) and natural language search, or by looking up a citation.

Why Fastcase?

  • It’s fast! Like Google, Fastcase sorts the best results of your search to the top of the list so you can find the most important quicker.
  • Visual search results help you see the important cases at a glance.
  • Fastcase’s integrated citation analysis automatically includes the number of times each case has been cited.

FastCase searching       Fastcase visual results