Tomorrow we say goodbye to our wonderful faculty services librarian, Galen Fletcher. Galen has been a fantastic colleague and someone whom our faculty, students, and all of us in the library have come to rely on for research and library support.

Galen has worked in our library since 1997, first as our government documents librarian and for the last 10 years as faculty services librarian. In addition to faculty research support, Galen continued to oversee our government documents collection, staffed the reference desk, supervised our reference desk student employees, kept all of us up to date on the accomplishments of BYU Law grads, and much more.

One of Galen’s interests that has greatly benefitted the law school is his interest in the history of the J. Reuben Clark Law School. Whenever I needed to know about some aspect of the law school’s history or to find an old law school speech, Galen was the first one I’d ask. He would always let us know when an important anniversary of the law school was coming up, when otherwise it might have inadvertently slipped by.

On a personal note, Galen has been a wonderful colleague and help to me in my career. When I first came to BYU as a new law librarian, I had a lot to learn. Galen patiently answered my questions and helped me learn the resources and skills needed to become an effective law librarian. While today my questions aren’t as basic as they were eight years ago, I still ask Galen questions when I’m stumped or need to double-check my approach. I’ll miss having his advice and I’ll miss having him as a colleague.