LIT SUITE is set of litigation-focused apps designed to save attorney time in and out of the courtroom, and they are available to law students to try out for free! Exclusively for the iPad, the apps include:

  • TrialPad, the OG LIT SUITE app, is a courtroom presentation tool that allows attorneys to share documents, photographs, transcripts, and even maps and video clips wirelessly to the TV or projector in the room. Organization and annotation tools including exhibit stickers make exhibit tracking and display simple.
  • TranscriptPad, a user favorite, is a convenient and time-saving tool to highlight, search, and code deposition and trial transcripts. Organize transcripts by issue or deponent, bookmark critical sections for easy finding during trial, and share annotated transcripts with others.
  • DocReviewPad is designed for the discovery stage of litigation, assisting attorneys with document review and Bates numbering. Import, highlight, annotate, and organize documents. When you’re ready, share with others or export to TrialPad for use at trial.
  • ExhibitsPad allows attorneys to create a digital binder of all trial exhibits to give to the jury for deliberations.

If you are participating in Trial Ad or a litigation-focused internship or externship, contact LIT SOFTWARE for a free trial at