Jared Correia, CEO of Red Cave Consulting and legal tech writer at Above the Law, has put together a dictionary of legal tech words that every lawyer should know. The dictionary is a light and sometimes funny take on legal tech terms that still manages to be informative. The tech terms are defined within the context of the legal industry and extraneous information is omitted. This is a helpful tool that can help you get up to speed fast. It’s only about ten pages long and includes fun examples.

The dictionary defines terms in the legal tech space such as:

  • Deduplication
  • Deep learning
  • KPI
  • Law practice management software
  • PID
  • Relational Database

Above the Law and Wolters Kluwer have partnered to make this dictionary a free download. You do have to give them your email address and institution. You can access the dictionary here: Download The Legal Tech to English Dictionary. For more legal tech, consider following Jared Correia at Above the Law.