It’s time for another installment of finals prep with the library. Last week I blogged about CDs that could be helpful in your studying. Today I want to talk about an online resource that the library subscribes to: CALI. Hopefully you’re familiar with CALI. Many of our students love CALI and use it often. CALI offers over 600 web-based tutorials that cover over 30 different legal subject areas. The lessons are created by law professors and law librarians from across the country. In addition to being web-based, the majority of these tutorials provide you with questions that test whether you’re actually learning the material that your eyes are skimming over. They are great for getting a grasp on a difficult concept, or for a change of pace when you just can’t stomach going over that outline one more time.

In addition, in CALI’s Legal Concepts and Skills section there are several podcasts on preparing for and taking final exams.

So, if you’re looking for something to supplement your course study, CALI may be the answer. To register, please contact me at to get the law school’s authorization code.