One of the ways attorneys have historically (and some currently) kept up with the legal developments in their jurisdiction is to read cases in “advance sheets.”  Advance sheets are paperback versions of court cases that are published and sent to attorneys and libraries before the cases are printed in the hardbound volumes.  Since electronic legal research has become the standard for most attorneys, use of printed advance sheets has declined.  Now Fastcase is moving advance sheets into the electronic realm, creating eBook Advance Sheets available for all jurisdictions.  Now you can download, for example, advance sheets for the US Supreme Court which will give you one month’s worth of that court’s opinions.  Fastcase Advance Sheets are available for the iPad, Kindle, Android, Nook and other e-readers.  Currently, Fastcase has created Advance Sheets for SCOTUS, CA, FL, TX, NY, IL, D.C., and VA.  Utah isn’t an option yet, but it will be in the near future.  This is a great option to keep up to date with cases in your jurisdiction.