Each year in conjunction with BYU Homecoming, the Brigham Young University Student Alumni Association sponsors the George H. Brimhall Memorial Essay Contest to honor a significant person in BYU history. This year, Rex E. Lee, former Dean of the Law School and President of the University is the honored founder and subject of the contest. Essays should be approximately 750 words and need to establish a connection between:

  • The writings or contributions of the founder, Rex E. Lee
  • The 2008 Homecoming theme “Go the Distance”
  • Personal Reflections

The contest is open to full-time BYU undergraduate and graduate students and there is a monetary prize (which isn’t too shabby) for the winners. Essays must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 (more details here).

Because of the great connection between the Law School and Rex E. Lee — Judge Benson called the Law School “the house that Rex Lee built” (see here pp.22-28) — I think our students have much to contribute to this contest. Students here, whether they know it or not, have been influenced by Rex Lee, as so many others have.

If you need some background to get started you may want to read Tribute to the Honorable Rex E. Lee, 3 J. App. Prac. & Proc. 557 (2001). In addition to Judge Benson’s article in the Clark Memorandum linked above, Bruce C. Hafen’s Clark Memorandum article, “A Walk by Faith,” (pp.20-25) may be helpful (see here). Talks given by Rex E. Lee as President of BYU can be found using the Lee Library’s subscription to GospelLink.