All issues of BYU Law’s semiannual publication, the Clark Memorandum, are now digitally available in the Law Library’s Digital Collections.  The Clark Memorandum is published by the Law School, the BYU Law School Alumni Association, and the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and connects law students, lawyers, and others committed to public service and professional excellence modeled on the character of J. Reuben Clark, Jr.  The Clark Memorandum consistently provides excellent articles by outstanding authors.  The last issue alone has articles by Utah Judge Sheila McCleve (Guardians of the Law), Professor Brett Scharffs (Revisiting Humility), Idaho Judge Gregory Moeller (Defending Innocence), California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu (Martin Luther King and the Good Samaritan), Senior Advisor of the Joseph Smith Papers project, Jeffrey Walker (Oliver Cowdery), and Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund, Hannah Clayson Smith (In Defense of Religious Freedom).

Back issues of the Clark Memorandum also provide a number of articles about the history of the law school, including Unfolding in Time, Stories that Defined Our Law School, The House that Rex Built, Glimpses of the Law School’s Founding, Anonymous No More, The Charter Class Looks Back, and Becoming J. Reuben Clark’s Law School.

With the inclusion of the Clark Memorandum in the Library’s Digital Collections, all available issues are now full-text searchable.