Any of you who have run CALI lessons have learned that they can be quite useful for         learning or reviewing subjects for your classes.  The Law Library’s subscription to CALI gives students and faculty access to over 800 interactive, web-based lessons.  Yesterday, CALI just got a bit better with a few enhancements that should serve you well.

First, CALI released a new lesson viewer.  That means your lessons will look a bit different, but the main plus for the change is that you can now use CALI on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.  Here’s a screenshot of the new lesson viewer on an iPad.

The other main enhancement is that student lesson runs and scores will be saved automatically.  Previously if you did not hit the save button, your score would be lost.  Now CALI saves automatically after each question you answer.  A very nice feature.

If you need a CALI authentication code, please contact me at