Elder Dallin H. Oaks was the featured speaker at BYU Law’s Annual Founder’s Day Dinner last night in Salt Lake.  Elder Oaks was the President of BYU when the Law School began and was an instrumental part of its creation.  It was a treat  to hear Elder Oaks speak about those early years of the law school and hear his perspective regarding how far we’ve come.  In introducing Elder Oaks, Dean Rasband referred to the Founding Documents of the BYU Law School that he often consults to help guide the law school.  Two of the documents were addresses given by Elder Oaks himself–Opening Remarks given on the first day of classes in 1973 and an address called “Ethics, Morality and Professional Responsibility,” which was given at the Dedication of the Law Building in 1975.  Finding those founding documents took a bit of digging, so I wanted to make sure everyone had the link.