The BYU Law School website recently ran an interview with BYU Law School alum Robert Stander (’11) announcing his clerkship with Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court during October term 2014.  Congratulations to Robert!  A Supreme Court clerkship is an incredibly prestigious and coveted position in the legal field and we’re excited to have one of our own at the Court next term.

In its short history, BYU Law School has been very successful in placing its students in Supreme Court clerkships and in attracting faculty who have clerked at the Court.  BYU Law currently ranks #13 in the country in Brian Leiter’s Supreme Court Clerkship Placement rankings (2003-2013 terms, “per capita” rate), a high honor considering the schools that accompany us in the rankings.

Additionally, BYU Law students benefit from a number of BYU Law faculty members who have clerked at the Court (Fee-Scalia, Jones-O’Connor, Lee-Thomas, Moore-Alito, Sun-Kennedy, Worthen-White).