You may or may not have heard of a MOOC before, but that may not last long.  The National Law Journal reports (registration required) that MOOCS – massive open online courses – are starting to gain in popularity in law schools.  One MOOC that has just begun that our students might be interested in is called Basics of Acquisition Agreements.  If students are interested in transactional law or just want to find out if they’re interested in it, this MOOC looks like a great option.  This course is put on by LawMeets, whose founder, Karl Okamoto was one the ABA’s Legal Rebels this year.  Here are some details about how an online LawMeet works, but basically it’s a chance to see a video lecture, participate in an exercise, get peer feedback, see expert feedback, and then see an expert video.  The Basics of Acquisition Agreements has 4 modules that are completed over a few months.  For those of you who get involved, please report back and let us know how it went.