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WL/LX/BL Summer Access

Finals are over!  Congrats!  Now that “summer” is here, it’s time to answer a question that I get often throughout the school year.  Can students use Westlaw or Lexis during their summer work?  The answer is that it depends.  Each legal research vendor has its own policies on what summer accounts can be used for [...]

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Citations to Old Cases

Last week I blogged about the HeinOnline/Fastcase partnership.  One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve been looking at the cases provided by Fastcase in HeinOnline is that Hein’s ScholarCheck (its version of Shepard’s/KeyCite) is available with each of the cases.  That means researchers can easily find law review and journal articles that cite the [...]

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UT Supreme Court Visit

Tomorrow the Law School will host the Utah Supreme Court as they hear two cases in the Moot Court Room.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to watch the State’s highest court in action and we’re grateful that the Court comes to visit us annually. In anticipation of their visit, I thought I’d [...]

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Finding Treatises on Lexis Advance

As students head out to work this summer we see fewer and fewer around the library.  But, that doesn’t mean we’re not busy helping with research.  In fact, as students start getting research assignments from their firms or other employers we start getting a lot of phone calls, emails and chats asking for help.  We’re [...]

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Construction Update

As many of you know the University has begun a number of construction projects now that law school is out for the summer.  While we’re not as easily accessible as we usually are, the law library is open during the summer.  Our hours are 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday.  We are closed Sundays and holidays.  We have put [...]

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The Importance of Legal Research

Finals are over.  The Write-on is done.  Now it’s time for summer jobs and externships to begin.  Summertime is often where students realize how important legal research is to the practice of law.  In that vein, I’ve recently written a short piece for the ABA’s Student Lawyer magazine called The Importance of Legal Research.  I [...]

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Research Help This Summer

Jumping into a research project for a new employer can be nerve-wracking.  You want to do things right and get the summer off on a good foot.  Well, even though you’ll be gone, the library will still be here to help you.  There are a number of ways you can get in touch with a [...]

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Researching Foreign Law

Every year a number of our students head out to do externships in foreign countries.  This is a great opportunity to learn about a different legal system and to get the chance to live and work overseas.  One question I often get asked by those of you doing these types of externships is “How do [...]

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Summer Research Success

One week of finals down, a few more days to go.  Good luck to everyone studying hard!  Don’t forget that the Law Library has a number of great resources and services to help you finish strong. When finals are finished you’ll all be heading off to put into practice what you’ve been learning here.  Legal [...]

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Lexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg Summer Access

The last legal research classes of the semester will be held today.  While that’s likely welcome news for many, it means that the next research you’ll do is for your jobs and externships this summer.  Here is some information on the access you’ll have to the major legal databases. Lexis Advance – Lexis recently announced that [...]

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