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BYU Law Alum to Clerk for SCOTUS

The BYU Law School website recently ran an interview with BYU Law School alum Robert Stander (’11) announcing his clerkship with Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court during October term 2014.  Congratulations to Robert!  A Supreme Court clerkship is an incredibly prestigious and coveted position in the legal field and we’re excited [...]

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Supreme Court Challenge

Think your SCOTUS-prediction skills are top notch?  Put them to the test in Bloomberg Law/SCOTUSblog’s Supreme Court Challenge.  The competition features teams of law students predicting the outcomes of six merits cases and six petitions for cert.  Cash prizes go to the top 3 teams.  Register your team by Feb. 28.  See the competition rules [...]

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October’s First Monday

Until I came to law school I never realized that the first Monday in October was any different than other Mondays–October or otherwise.  But, I quickly learned that the first Monday in October means that the Supreme Court is back in session.  That means today marks the start of the 2012 term. For news and [...]

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Senator Lee on SCOTUS Clerks

Utah Senator Mike Lee (a BYU Law graduate) recently released a video describing the work done by law clerks at the Supreme Court, focusing on his experience as a clerk to Justice Alito.  I thought some of you might be interested.

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Supreme Court Haiku

One of the things Valentine’s Day makes me think of is poetry.  That probably comes from the fact that my mom used to write us poems for Valentine’s Day.  The only poetry I remember attempting were assignments in school, which is where I first learned about Haiku.  Haiku has had a way of reappearing in [...]

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The Press, the Public, and the U.S. Supreme Court

Tomorrow and Friday the Brigham Young University Law Review will put on a symposium titled, The Press, the Public, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  I can’t honestly say that every law review symposium I see looks especially intriguing, but this one certainly does.  It’s got an all-star lineup with Lyle Denniston (SCOTUSblog), Adam Liptak (The New [...]

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Today I was directed to an interesting new website (thanks @GtwonLawLib) that allows you to see the frequency of words and phrases used by the U.S. Supreme Court in its opinions between 1791 and 2005.  The website, Legal Language Explorer, provides a graphical view that provides an interesting view of Supreme Court opinions.  It’s good [...]

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Supreme Court TV?

I’m sure you haven’t missed much of President Obama’s Health Care Law and its journey to the Supreme Court.  Most people are watching it quite closely and, in fact, would like to literally watch the oral arguments that will take place before the Court this spring.  Will it happen?  Doubtful says Adam Liptak of the [...]

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First Monday

The Supreme Court began its Oct. 2011 term yesterday on the first Monday in October.  I recently blogged about my favorite Supreme Court resource, SCOTUSblog, but thought the start of the new term would be a good time to highlight a few other Supreme Court resources.  Last year the Supreme Court redesigned its own website, [...]

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SCOTUSblog Redesign

Recently the popular and extremely useful Supreme Court blog, SCOTUSblog, received some new enhancements as well as a new look.  More details are available in this post from SCOTUSblog publisher and creator Tom Goldstein.  One of the new features that will be of interest to law students is a bi-monthly column for law students on [...]

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