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Opposition to Working Late

A few weeks ago I was doing some legislative history research in the 1868 Congressional Globe – the precursor to today’s Congressional Record – and ran across this little exchange, which I found amusing.  I guess several members felt like I do when I have to work late. Of course it’s difficult to tell exactly […]


Historical State Statutes

HeinOnline is a great place to go for historical legal materials.  Hein has recently added to its impressive collection by making available State Statutes: A Historical Archive.  This library has superseded statutes for all 50 states, some going back to 1717.  Utah’s collection goes back to territorial times starting with 1855 and continues until 1951.  […]


Unpublished Hearings

The word “unpublished” can often be misleading in today’s legal research environment.  These days documents that are “unpublished” are now often published even though we still call them “unpublished.”  Confusing, I know.  Take for example, unpublished hearings from Congress.  Hearings can be a useful tool when conducting legislative history research.  However, not all hearings are […]


Congressional Bills, 1789-2013

From grade school we learn about bills and how they become law.  Some bills die, some are amended, some become law.  No matter what happens, bills are an essential part of the legislative process and researchers often want to get their hands on bills to see what they looked like.  It’s pretty easy to find […]


Congress and the Courts

The Law Library recently added a new HeinOnline library – Congress and the Courts.  This library provides access to legislative materials dealing with the composition and structure of Article III courts.  If you’re doing any kind of research regarding federal courts, from their creation to the growing need for federal judgeships, this is the place […]


New Resource – ProQuest Legislative Insight

The Law Library is always looking for new resources that will be valuable to researchers.  One of our most recent purchases is a database that will make federal legislative history research a less-daunting task than it has been previously.  The database is called ProQuest Legislative Insight and it brings together all the various legislative history […]


Legislative History Resources

At the reference desk we often get questions about how to do legislative history research.  The library has several electronic databases that can help if you’re looking for federal legislative history documents.  To make these databases more accessible, we’ve created a legislative history subject guide that pulls together the resources you’ll need to do this […]


The Search For Legislative Intent

Legislative history research is a skill all aspiring lawyers should gain.  Because this type of research doesn’t come up as often as statutory or case law research, it can be difficult to remember how to do it.  One of the most important things to remember is what types of documents make up a legislative history and […]

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