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10th Circuit’s New Website

Government websites are a mixed bag.  Some are quite modern, while others look like they’re stuck in the ’90s.  The information on these websites is free, so attorneys and others come to them often for legal information.  The easier they are to use, the fewer headaches they induce. The United States Court of Appeals for [...]

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UT Supreme Court Visit

Tomorrow the Law School will host the Utah Supreme Court as they hear two cases in the Moot Court Room.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to watch the State’s highest court in action and we’re grateful that the Court comes to visit us annually. In anticipation of their visit, I thought I’d [...]

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Hosanna-Tabor Oral Argument

Yesterday the Law School was pleased to host Hannah Clayson Smith as she delivered the Honored Alumni Lecture.  Her lecture focused on religious freedom and her work with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.  If you attended the lecture you heard her talk several times about the Hosanna-Tabor case, especially its oral argument before the [...]

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Federal Register 2.0

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of my favorite government websites –  Another one of my favorites also has to do with regulations –  This government website contains an unofficial version of the daily Federal Register, but it’s so useful that I think it’s a great place to research in the [...]

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Study Break

Finals can be rough and even the most determined studier needs some breaks.  If you want to stay in the legal state of mind and still have some laughs you might want to check out Lowering the Bar.  You won’t ceased to be amazed at the crazy and amusing things that go on in the [...]

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Law and the Multiverse

Finals are underway and everyone’s studying hard.  But, all studiers need a break sometimes.  If you want that break, but want to keep your mind in the legal realm you might want to check out Law and the Multiverse: Superheroes, Supervillains and the Law.  This blog applies the law to fictional characters and situations, primarily [...]

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Utah Recodifications

From to time to time the Utah legislature reorganizes and renumbers certain titles in the Utah Code.  This process is known as recodification.  It’s ultimate goal is to increase clarity and usability in a code title.  However, recodification often throws researchers for a loop when a familiar code section is now found somewhere else.  For [...]

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Utah State Courts Forms

As a law student it’s likely that you’ve already had friends or relatives ask you for legal help.  It can be an awkward situation since you’re not yet a lawyer and can’t give legal advice.  It’s always good to be aware of some self-help resources you can direct them to so that they can get [...]

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Website Redesign

As you may have noticed the Law Library’s website got a facelift recently.  Much of the content is still the same, but we hope you’ll like the cleaner look and some of the additional features that have been added.  In addition to streamlining the research search box, we have also added library information to the [...]

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Researching Municipal Law

One area of law that we generally don’t have much time to cover in our first year legal research classes is local legislation.  Municipal ordinances govern much of what we do on an everyday basis–from parking to pets to zoning–and is important to keep in mind when you’re doing legal research.  Some of these municipal [...]

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